Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is designed to answer some of our most often asked questions.  Please let us know if this information was helpful.

Q: What is yoga?

A: “Yoga was developed up to 5,000 years ago in India as a comprehensive system for wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Yoga is a system, not of beliefs, but of techniques and guidance for enriched living.” –Yoga Alliance 2017

Q: What are the benefits of yoga?

A: There are many benefits to yoga including, but not limited to: stress relief, pain relief, better breathing, flexibility, increased strength, improved circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, presence, and inner strength.

For a detailed description of the benefits of yoga shown above, and more benefits, please click the hyperlink to “benefits to yoga” You will be taken to the Yoga Alliance website.

Q: Are all yoga classes heated at Red Hot Yoga & Massage?

A: Yes, all of our classes are heated. Our “Power” classes are heated between 98-105. Our “Traditional 26” style classes are heated between 105-110.

Q: Where is the studio located?

A: Red Hot Yoga & Massage is located in Midtown Atlanta, GA. We are at the intersection of Monroe Drive & Piedmont Avenue NE. (beside Chase Bank and across the street from Ansley Mall.

The entrance to the studio is located in the BACK of the building UP the long, brown wooden staircase at the end of the property.  The address is 1590 Piedmont Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30324

Q: Where do I park to attend class?

A: The most convenient parking is located across the street at Ansley Mall.

There are 15 parking spots located behind the building.  8 vehicle parking spots located in the LOWER lot behind the building (close to the trash dumpsters & Smith’s Olde Bar) and 4 parking spots located behind Smoothie King.  There are also 3 vehicle parking spots located in the upper parking lot directly behind the building.**

**Please note the UPPER parking lot road is a dead end BEHIND the building. If you do not find a space in the UPPER lot, you will need to turn around or back up your vehicle until you again reach the LOWER parking lot.

Bicycle parking is available BEHIND the building and around the staircase leading to the studio entrance. Please bring your own bicycle lock.

Q: Which classes are suitable for someone new to yoga?

A: We believe yoga should be available to everyone regardless of individual skill level; our Traditional 26 & Power 1 classes are applicable for people who have never taken a yoga class. However, should you find yourself in a Power 2 class, please listen to your body and practice the poses as you are able to do them; you might just surprise yourself about your individual yoga skill level.

Q: What should I wear/bring to class?

A: Athletic wear is considered appropriate attire.

Please bring: yoga mat and water bottle or bottle of water. We offer a filtered refillable bottle station and water fountains; however, we do not currently sale beverages.

Many practitioners choose to place a towel (beach towel or large body towel) or travel yoga mat on top of their traditional yoga mat. Towels are not required; however, they can be very beneficial if you find you sweat or slip a lot on your yoga mat.

Optional headbands or sweat towels can also be beneficial.

Q: Do you offer free yoga props or rental yoga items?*

A: We have yoga blocks and yoga straps for FREE use while attending class at the studio.

We offer SMALL hand towels for purchase $1 (sweat towels).

We offer RENTAL yoga mats for $2 per session.

We offer RENTAL yoga towels for $3 per session (to place on top of a yoga mat).

*Community yoga props and rental items are currently not available due to COVID-19

Q: Are there showers at this location?*

A: Yes, we offer two single shower stalls. Both are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
*Showers are currently not available due to COVID-19

Q: Do you have a cell phone application (app)?

A: Yes, we use the MINDBODY software and mobile application as our phone app. The app is available for both iPhone & Android users. Click here to download the MINDBODY app.

Q: Can I use classes/packages purchased at other Red Hot Yoga locations in Midtown?

A: No, classes purchased at other locations are not transferable from one studio to another location. Classes must be used at the studio where the classes were originally purchased.

Q: Does the studio participate in the ClassPass program?

A: Yes, we are a participating ClassPass studio. If you want to use a ClassPass session to attend a yoga class, please sign-up for class using an available ClassPass session. Please note all ClassPass rules and regulations, including their cancellation policy, apply when using a ClassPass session to register/pay for a yoga session.

Q: Does the studio have a Privacy Policy?

A: Yes, please click the link to view the Privacy Policy of Red Hot Yoga & Massage.